(in work) Tutorial: Creating a Forest Scene and Ragdoll to throw around in it


This example file shows how tree materials, ground materials and rock materials can be set up. A physics ragdoll is included, which can be dragged around using gamepad input. A very basic camera is also set up.


Many different material textures are mixed to create the final material. The focus is on keeping the instruction count low to have the game run smoothly, while at the same time have complexity in the materials. Using noise generation in the Unreal Engine material editor to mix textures is avoided because of its high impact on instruction count. A somewhat irregular tiling at large scale can be seen in the ground material, which will later on not be visible anymore when all level content is placed and long line of sights are broken.


R1,R2,L1,L2  - drag ragdoll limbs vetically
LeftStick    - move camera
RightStick   - move ragdoll horizontally
SpaceBar     - SlowMotion

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