Speedtree by IDV Inc.

Of all vegation modelling software packages, Speedtree is the one that convinced Blue Budgie Studios most.

It just works and deserves the name rightly because the generation algorithms, as opposed to other packages, resemble non repetitive organic growth perfectly without much tweaking. Speedtree also comes with incredible UV mapping algorithms that make bark look real with very small texture sizes. In addition it finds a nice balance between the number of polygons used to create a tree and its appearance, making it ideal for real time applications like games. Especially the transition from branches into other branches, or from trunk to branches, can be modelled with a special welding function that avoids sharp transitions and as such boosts realism.

The majority of large climbing trees in R.C. Bot Inc. was modelled by Blue Budgie Studios with Speedtree.

Trees in R.C. Bot Inc. are made fully climbable in a physically correct way down to almost the last branch and feature heavily in gameplay. The reasoning is simple: What little kid does not like to climb a tree? Everyone liked to climb trees at some point! Well, and then maybe shoot a harpoon into a branch and swing away? Or maybe get catapulted right above the tree top and sail down into it on a ballon? Or catapult a robot into a thick branch and have the robot bursting into pieces with legs and arms flying off in all directions? Fun, is not it?

Tree types in R.C. Bot Inc. range from middle european trees, to nordic tress, to redwood style trees, to winter trees, to desert trees and to many more.




 ready-to-climb trees in R.C. Bot. Inc.


   R.C. Bot Inc. trees at different time of day

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