Here you find the development log

v2.4 - August 2017

+ Glider flying added and climb challenges
+ thermal system added
+ wind lee/luv added
+ Flight Sim RC support added
+ comprehensive help menu added

+ Quadcopter tilt lock added (supports quad stability)



v2.0 - May 2017

+ Second flight vehicle added: Airplane
+ Testflight level added
+ More user friendly Menu System
+ Race classes set up
+ Game Speed Option

Next Update:
+ plane glider (aerodynamics already there: glide ratio, LD number,...)
+ thermal system for gliding: Dynamic thermal lift system depending on location, height and ground material, Hill Lift depending on Wind direction an speed, variometer
+ tune project to allow really large levels 

Everything before v2.0: endless painful testing and coding the quadcopter flying and the general framework of the game.

Project Start: January 2017 (starting slowly but surely)

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