Here you find the development log


+ Second flight vehicle added: Airplane
+ Testflight level added
+ More user friendly Menu System
+ Race classes set up
+ Game Speed Option

Next Update:
+ plane glider (aerodynamics already there: glide ratio, LD number,...)
+ thermal system for gliding: Dynamic thermal lift system depending on location, height and ground material, Hill Lift depending on Wind direction an speed, variometer
+ tune project to allow really large levels 

v2.0 Details
+ plane model aerodynamics based on Nvidia PhysX tunable from leisure plane to stunt plane and more
+ can optionally be carried and released by quadcopter
+ 3 air races set up
+ 2 paint jobs (one like Redbull Airrace, one normal)
+ animated Ailerons, Elevators, Rudder, Pilot
Similar to Quad: full tuning wizard available (plane properties, wind reaction properties,...), many cameras available (FPV,3rd person, spectator: good for orientation training),  own help sheet, etc...
+ Test Flight Level set up -> good for low end graphics cards and for test flying in general
+ Scotland finished and visibility of large forests optional (menu option) for performance 
+ No Fly Zones added
+ Motor Pitch Tuning
+ fine adjustments of tuning wizard presets 
Handling & Appearance:
+ MORE USER FRIENDLY ELEMENTS: Menu Structure put on top of everything (Main Menu, Options Menu, Race Menu and Help Menu added/improved)
+ Game Speed option added: For those who like it faster!
+ All tuning now done in Tuning Wizard  -> more compact handling
+ HUD tuning infos transfered to Tuning Wizard -> reduced HUD clutter
+ Keyboard controls improved
+ sound levels improved
+ game initialy starts with medium graphics settings now
+ dynamic camera lag adjustable in tuning wizard
+ Project and code base rewritten for multiple vehicles and levels
+ resource heavy scotland level not loaded at start up now -> resulted in gamepad not being recognized sometimes and other issues.
+ Framerate smoothing: If you cap the game to lower than 60fps (ingame option) because of not enough hardware power, the game will run better now.
+ contact to local flight club for testing and advise

Everything before v2.0: endless painful testing and coding the quadcopter flying and the general framework of the game

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