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Blue Budgie Studios is working in realtime rendering, 3D graphics engines and graphics coding in general. Blue Budgie Studios comes with a vast background in the area due to more than a decade of work in large corporate companies and educational institutions, a background that spans rendering, image processing and camera development. Besides this professional and non public work, it was always a hobby of Blue Budgie Studios to play with the engines shown on this page and to create beautiful renders and built tools for them. The focus is on high-end  technologies, even though they are not the money cows, for example interesting Octane render GPU technology or realtime gaming technology with heavy physics or ocean simulations.


Blue Budgie Studios was created because of the joy that this nice hobby brought almost every day for the last decade.

It was also created to honor a certain blue budgie, who has written more lines of code by hopping around on keyboards and created more chaos than any bird ever should.


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