R.C. Bot Inc Development Review

Work on R.C. Bot Inc. has been happening on a daily basis from the outset.

Development, as of March 2016, has reached tested Beta phase with content lock and gameplay lock.


September/October 2014 

Review of different game engines and physics middlewares (Unity, Cry Engine, UE and PhysX, Cry Engine in-house physics), layout of the basic gameplay idea, looking through different asset sources to provide starting points for shaders and geometries (UE4 marketplace, Unity Assetstore, Speedtree)


October 2014

Start of development in Unreal Engine 4, getting used to workflow and how things work in depth


November 2014

Start physics test project in Active Ragdolling (see Tech: BBS projects) to test how much UE4 and PhysX can be stretched; Development of custom reactive camera, ragdoll robotics with PhysX joints and much more, all later on used in R.C. Bot Inc.


March 2015

Start of R.C. Bot Inc., coding physics based assets (robot, carrier, drone, ballons etc.). Creating and testing gameplay, creating level streaming system and code frame work up to point where only adding content is left


June 2015

Gameplay Lock and frame work lock.  Start of content creation (Areas). Test procedure: set up level stream for an area, test with simple cube geometry, if OK, then fill with environment geometry, do a full testing playthrough. (>1 week full time work per area)


March/April 2016

Content Lock. All areas done, optimised and tested in packaged game on different hardware.


April/May 2016

Bot Customisation feature (all limbs can have different geometries/masses and materials; prototyped and tested/OK).

Beauty Pass on all gameplay insensitive elements. Final texturing of Bot, Vehicle and some rocks etc.. Add geometries for Bot Customisation. Make menus pretty etc., make bot materials reacting to damage.


April/May/Summer 2016

Full Final Testing on finished version. (previous succesful testing of each area in content creation phase ignored)

Potential bug deleting and revisions if required.


Summer/Autumn 2016

Gold Version: start publishing paperwork (Epic, Steam, GOG, publishers etc. for the next months and release if succesful). No early access, paid beta access or similar.



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