R.C. Bot Inc.

Your Tools


The main tool! Each leg and arm can be moved on its own, including knees and shoulders. Has default positions for legs and arms. Has synchronised leg movement option. Can walk/rotate on flat ground. Reinvest your hard earned money to upgrade your bot.


Harpoon attachments are on the right and left arm. Can be shot into any object and used for climbing and more.


Can be spawned with harpoons attaching to them, will lift the bot and can be used for various purposes.


Each foot can fire a thruster. Push direction is always perpendicular to foot. In conjunction with synchronized leg movements a main means of transportation.


Can be spawned from bot. Used for scouting paths and to attach to any object to create a new fixed camera looking at bot or vehicle.


Can be spawned from drone if enough space. Can be angled and stepped onto to make things fly.


Shot from the bot's headmount, it can be used to blast light objects away.


Used to transport the bot and other things. Three tractions can be toogled (slow/powerful to fast) and three suspensions (soft to hard).

(Mobile operation base: Gets the team to their locations and has bot customization laboratory.

The Game Modes

Find the target: Find it and get into close proximity to blow the target up. Careful: the bot gets pushed away as well.

Recover the target: Find it and bring it to the recovery platform by any means. The main puzzle mode of the game!
Catch the target: Find the run-a-way target and bring it to the recovery platform. It will deflate if the drone is attached.
Defeat the target: Shoot the target in the area. If you are hit, the bot battery is drained and ropes are destroyed. It has a blind spot from 40° above it. This is action mode of the game! Move from cover to cover, or attempt a hit while being above the target.

The Regions

Green Lands:

Located in the Northern Sea around Europe, the Green Lands provide challenges that include distance, water and rock formations.

Canopy Climbing Parks:

Typical high canopy trees cover these american islands. Ever wanted to climb a huge tree? This is the place to go!

Redwood Climbing Parks:

Giant redwood trees are a trademark sign here. The construction department has done a good job: the trees are full of man-made climbing assets.

Space Training Facility:

Located right in the middle of the pacific ocean, this is where R.C. Bot Inc. is training the next generation of space robots! Experience zero gravity!

Rough Lands:

Far away from the scottish coast is where you will find brown grass and huge rocks!

Cold Lands:

Polar temperatures and snow! Do not fall into the water or you will be I.E.-ed (instantly evacuated)!

Old Mining Islands:

Once the backbone of industry, now these asian islands are left to their own with lots of things left on them!

Red Lands:

Located off the coast of Africa, these islands are all about distance, bumby ground and height!


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